How does the faucet control the water? What is the structure and principle?
  • Date:2022-04-15
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Faucet is the most common object in life, which greatly facilitates our life and saves water. When we buy faucets, how to choose a good faucet? In addition to choosing the brand of faucet, we can also learn about its structure and see how it works.

Compared with the faucet in the past, today's faucet is more complex and changeable. Therefore, if we want to understand the faucet structure diagram and principle, we need to master and understand the faucet structure diagram. The faucet structure diagram shows us all the components of the faucet so that we can better understand it. Otherwise, we do not even know what is inside the faucet.

We can know that the structure of the basin is very complex. It is a single ceramic valve core surface, which is mainly composed of handle, valve core, water inlet braided pipe and installation accessories. It also includes some sealing rings, screws and so on.

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