Advanced equipment

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Focus on the production of the core part of the faucet for 23 years - precision ceramic valve core

Through strict engineering inspection, adhering to the quality requirements of always striving for perfection, we create perfect value with excellent technology.

Valve core burst test

Valve core burst test

Valve core burst test

Valve core burst test

Integrated forming

Accurate size, tolerance range can be controlled within 0.05mm

Spring with excellent performance

Super elastic spring, longer key life

  • Spring tension and compression tester


Excellent material selection

The internal friction ring enables the synthesis of environmental protection materials, which can withstand 1million life tests without damage


High hardness ceramic sheet

The hardness of the ceramic sheet is over 1000 degrees, and the processing technology is dry pressing to better ensure the hardness

  • Ceramic chip hardness tester

  • Ceramic chip porosity meter


Wear resistant rubber ring

International famous brand rubber ring, complete international certification, strong sealing performance, the product is not easy to aging, more durable and wear-resistant

  • Rubber ring hardness tester


Hansen has a professional production line management team to A professional technology enterprise integrating production and sales. Adhering to the concept of pursuing excellent quality, From design and development to manufacturing, with high quality, high performance, high efficiency The excellent quality of energy conservation and environmental protection leads the domestic market and is exported overseas.

The processed copper fittings shall be cleaned with ultrasonic wave to ensure that no impurities are attached

Installation in dust-free workshop to ensure that products are free of impurities

Automatic testing equipment to better ensure the qualification rate

The packaging design is considerate and meticulous to ensure no collision injury during transportation

6 automatic installation equipment to ensure both efficiency and quality